Saturday, October 24, 2009


In June I spent a couple weekends in GA waiting for my newest niece to be born. So there was a lot of quality family time including fun with Isabella.

Isabella was very excited to meet her new sister. She helped take the bag to the car just in case.

Snuggle sleepy time with Gamma

Play time with Granddad!

Isabella told Granddad that she would would catch him at the bottom of the slide. She was so sweet coaching him as came down the slide.

In position ready to catch him!

She said "gotcha"

I love that fun little girl!

Bye First North Carolina House

Back in April we decided to move to downtown Waynesville
I was excited to be closer to the small town "action" 
Fall festivals, block parties, quaint bookstores and coffee shops and much much more!

Saying "Bye" to the first North Carolina house was was needed. We only had 2 bedrooms which is not enough space to really be settled. It was was not enough space to host our families like we really wanted to.

This is the guest bedroom at the old house.... Now don't you wish you had come to visit us?

Our fireplace

Probably the last bathroom Charlie would be able to hang this big banner

When I began packing I had BIG help!

This was our bedroom. I loved how cozy it was!

Bye bye country house! time to move on to the BIG CITY! (or small town, whatever you want to call it!)

A simple March post

I'm not a good blogger. 
I am aware of this fact. 
I am O.K. with this.
I actually enjoy that I surprise my 5 readers with random updates and long past due posts. 
**Thank you readers! Can I call you readers if you don't consistently have something to read?**

Anyway back in March Charlie and I went out to Lake Junaluska to read and relax for a bit. 
We got there and set ourselves up and it was FREEZING!!! We needed to wait just one more weekend for warm enough weather for a day by the lake.

I was pretty excited when I realized my book looked like the landscape!

After filling in 3 blocks in a Sudoku we happily packed up and went right back home!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Shopping at the Venetian

Walking through the Shops at The Venetian brought back fond memories of Holland with my sister. They had these living statues all over the place.
Anyways here is Las Vegas' version.

Monday, October 5, 2009

You still have time

So Jason and Lauren I know you only have 2 weeks until the big day but that is still enough time to go to a place like this....

I took this picture just for you Lauren :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Breakfast in Las Vegas

So I know this is from March but I thought I might try to catch up a bit on blogging... I am guessing the "catching up" will be short lived. Enjoy it while it lasts!

This was my favorite part of the day.... Breakfast that looked like this...

In bed of course! 
Yum! I wouldn't mind another breakfast like this